You made It!  Our cheese is made from milk from our cows. No hormones or antibiotics. Our cows graze on grass or wheat pasture year around. No herbacides used on the pasture. No chemical fertilizers. In other words, our cheese is as natural as you can get!!!

The "ORIGINAL" Christian Cheese
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Christian Cheese, founded by George and LaWanna Christian, is located in Kingfisher, Oklahoma's Buckle of the Wheat Belt. We make our cheese from grade A milk produced on our very own dairy farm. We offer a variety of cheddar curds, blocks, and horns with a various mixes such as jalapenos, black pepper, sage, and garlic. Our cheese contains no hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives and we guarantee its quality. We want our customers to be happy. If you are not satisfied we want to know about it!
Christian Cheese
13th and Airport Road
Kingfisher, Oklahoma 73750
Phone: 405-375-6711
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Holy Cow says, "This cheese is heavenly!"
To:13th and Airport Road
Kingfisher, OK 73750
Number and Street:
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1- 888- 437- 0018
(Toll Free)
George and LaWanna in front of the source of Christian Cheese, pampaered grade A milk-producing Holsteins.
A large batch of the famous Jalepno Cheddar!
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